Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heaven Is Pearl Bakery's Chocolate Panini

Last night, my darling little white cell phone died. We were sitting together in the living room with Benny, re-reading Miranda July’s incredibly good “No one belongs here more than you,” when my phone's little blue face suddenly lit up, burped “Memory Full” at me, abruptly turned off, and resisted all my desperate attempts to resuscitate it. Rest In Peace, my dear little phone. Your inspiringly thin and sleek presence shall be sorely missed at the table and in the TableTalkPortland test kitchen.

It was an eerie, naked feeling making the journey to the downtown AT&T store this morning with no means of communication. What if I remembered that I needed to make lunch reservations? What if I walked past Saint Cupcake and they had a fresh batch of warm cinnamon rolls gently steaming in the case and I had to call and alert Special Correspondent April immediately before they sold out? What if I needed to get ahold of Michelle to tell her I DID post that picture of her at Thatch Tiki Bar with the two-foot straw up her nose on the blog and what’s she gonna do about it, huh? (Just kidding sis, I really didn’t. Please, PLEASE don’t call youknowwho again and leave embarrassing messages in my voice. I'm SERIOUS.)

A couple hours of arduous cell-phone shopping later, I staggered out of the AT&T store with a shiny slate gray Blackberry Pearl. I held it gingerly, kind of like I hold my New Baby Nephew, and like my New Baby Nephew, the Blackberry made weird noises I did not understand, and then it started to rain and I freaked out that my new baby Blackberry Pearl would get a chill, so ignoring its cries, I quickly stuffed it in my handbag, which I do not actually do with my New Baby Nephew, so don’t worry.

I felt light-headed, not only by my new acquisition, but because I’d rushed out of the house without eating a proper breakfast in my haste to get a new phone. If I didn’t eat something soon, I was going to pass out on SW 3rd Avenue, which would be awful. I’d surely be robbed of my precious new Blackberry and maybe even my shoes. They are very cute shoes.

Thankfully my new Blackberry Pearl and I were near the Pearl Bakery. Coincidence? I think not. I slipped inside and bought a chocolate panini, which is complete nirvana. A small pillowy-soft deep brown rectangle of chocolate bread boldly studded with bits of dark chocolate. I tore off a chunk, slathered it with Pearl Bakery’s homemade raspberry jam, and popped it in my mouth. It was, simply put, probably the closest to Heaven that I will ever get.

I snapped a picture of the gorgeous scene with my beautiful new phone, regretfully took the last bite of chocolate panini and raspberry jam, and left, but we will return. Tomorrow morning to be exact. I might have to wait a bit to get to Heaven, but Pearl Bakery opens at 6:30 am.


Pearl Bakery * 102 NW 9th Ave ** 503.827.0910 * M-F 6:30-5:30, Sat 7-5, Sun 8-2 * yes, find a little bit of Heaven in the chocolate panini, and be SURE to put raspberry jam on at least one bite even if you weirdly enough don't like raspberry and chocolate together (yes you, jw ;)

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