Sunday, May 11, 2008

TTP Weekend Food Wanderings


This morning we convened at Reatha's lovely apartment for Sunday Brunch, which included fresh pastries from Ken's Artisan Bakery, Mini Mediterranean Frittatas, Cornbread Toast, Hashbrowns, and Blood Orange Mimosas. Thank you Reatha! Not only was brunch positively delicious, but it was quite aesthetically pleasing as well!

I am ashamed to say I was a little late to brunch, mostly because Michelle and her darling bf made me drink California Chillums on the patio of North 45 on NW 21st Avenue late into Saturday evening, while they sipped on Lucid Absinthe cocktails, and so I had to spend 20 minutes this morning hunting for aspirin, which I finally discovered most inexplicably located in the silverware drawer.

Here's what I think of that:

Fortunately, Brian and Eric were later than me to brunch! Haha! But they came bearing champagne, so Reatha said we should let them in.

After brunch, Brian and I scooted over to the Portland Art Museum just in time to see The Dancer exhibit on its very last day. We spent so much time examining the exhibit's 110+ works of art by Edgar Degas, Jean-Louis Forain, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that Brian got low blood sugar, so we had to run to Safeway and buy some Orange Milano cookies. Yes, we slummed a little, okay? But who doesn't love Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies?

When we were

of Orange Milano cookies, we headed home.

Passing by the SW 10th Avenue Food Carts, we were horrundified to see that the usually pristine Altengartz German Bratwurst Food Cart had been tagged by vandals!

I was just at Altengartz last Tuesday for lunch with my friend Jeff, and we dined on divinely good brats and burgers while watching admiringly as owner and manager George Wittkopf lovingly cleaned and polished his sausage truck. His pride in both his product and his cart was obvious. I also very much admired his suspenders. 

This act of crude vandalism is a complete travesty. Don't people have better things to spray paint on, like furriers? Jeez. Whoever tagged the Altengartz German Brand Bratwurst Food Cart should be ashamed of themselves!

And that concludes this edition of TableTalkPortland's "Weekend Food Wanderings," a new weekend feature brought to you by Jen and Michelle of TableTalkPortland.

PS: A little Monday SneakAPeek--Tomorrow check out TableTalkPortland for Michelle's captivating account of how she rode home from Farmer's Market in the trunk of the car with her farm fresh purchases and cooked a fantastic dinner of just-picked asparagus, stinging nettles, and Laurence the Happy Chicken with Extreme Rigor Mortis of the Legs.


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