Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Double Bluehour Happy Hour!

A very exciting press release announcing Bluehour's new late night happy hour arrived in our mailbox earlier this week, much to our delight. Because if there's anything better than Bluehour happy hour, it's two Bluehour happy hours. Fortuitously, my friend Matt was visiting from England on business and fancied hitting a few of his favorite Pearl hotspots from back in the day when he and his lervely wife Sian lived here in Portland and we used to be neighbors and pop next door to each other's apartments to borrow a cup of sugar or sparkly or scotch, so we planned a nostalgic gastronomical adventure that included pre-dinner peach serrano martinis at Bay 13, dinner at Fratelli, dessert at Fenouil, and of course, the highlight of the evening: Bluehour Late Night Happy Hour!

We had a little time to kill in between dinner at Fratelli and the 10 pm Bluehour late night happy hour Baccarat crystal starting bell (ok, so nobody really rings a Baccarat crystal bell, but you can pretend for fun), so we had dessert at Fenouil, out on the patio overlooking bustling Jamison Park. 

Matt had the sweet little Beignet a d'Anis, or star anise beignets. When the server arrived with the beignets, I was initially confused to see him set down a plate with nothing on it but a small ramekin of armangac creme anglais, but then I noticed he held in his hand a small paper bag stamped with a fleur-de-lys, which he proceeded to shake like a Polaroid picture, effectively coating the enclosed beignets in a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. The server then turned the bag upside down and let the beignets gently tumble onto the plate, where they lie next to the creme anglais, slightly embarrassed by the pomp and circumstance of it all and undoubtedly wishing they could have arrived in a less ostentatious manner, like in a brown paper cone or unmarked Lincoln town car. Regardless, the beignets were soft and fresh and delicious dipped in the armagnac creme anglaise.

My dessert, the Gateau de Chocolat, a molten peanut butter chocolate cake, comes with a 20-minutes-required-for-preparation warning label, so if you only have 19 minutes for dessert, it's No Gateau For You, Buddy: move on down the road to the lower-maintenance tarte tatin or profiteroles. I for one had a fresh glass of Basil Hayden's bourbon, neat, on the table, so time was on my side. The little chocolate cake arrived accompanied by a quenelle of light, tangy vanilla creme fraiche atop a smattering of salted peanut toffee crumbs. I would have liked the cake to have had a stronger peanut butter presence, but if you think peanut butter should be seen and not heard in a Gateau de Chocolat, so to speak, you'd probably do somersaults over this time-intensive little cake.

After that, it was onward to Bluehour, where Matt, myself, and my positively gorgeous little pink Paolo shoes hung out with Mr. $25 Bluehour Happy Hour Bottle of Prosecco.    

When we ordered, we were told we were the very first people to participate in Bluehour's new late night happy hour! We felt so honored. We rang the homebound Sian, who was hurtling through the English countryside on her way to work at the time of our call, to tell her the good news! Sian was obviously envious, this made apparent by a few of her comments, which I think were something to the effect of: "I bloody well like THAT, you useless tossers are out drinking sparkly at Blue-bloody-hour while I hurtle through the English countryside on my way to work!"  Oh how I miss you, Sharnee T!

Just a note, intrepid Late Night Happy Hour Revelers, make sure you ask for the late night happy hour menu...the squeaky wheel gets the truffle oil on this one, as we noticed that the very well-dressed but Late Night Happy Hour-oblivious sip 'n schmoozing Pearlies next to us got a full-price bar menu. Guess they better sign up for Bluehour's newsletter, hmm?

Below is the Bluehour press release, which has everything you need to know about how to enjoy two happy hours a day at Bluehour. Please memorize, and be sure to order my favorite food item, the phenomenal $4 Butcher's Board. 
Happy BLUEHOUR early. Happy BLUEHOUR late!

Post work, at dusk or into the wee hours, our favorite place to be is on the BLUEHOUR deck sipping a MARTINI or SANGRIA, lingering over plates of KENNY'S FRIES or a crisp CAESAR.

Starting tonight we will now celebrate happy BLUEHOUR twice a day. EARLY and LATE, with offerings from $1 - 7. All of your favorites will be there. Will you?

HAPPY BLUEHOUR 7 days and 7 nights!

EARLY from 4:30 - 6:30 pm, 7 days
LATE from 10:00 pm to close Sunday - Thursday,
and 10:30 pm to close Friday & Saturday.

Happy BLUEHOUR menu

$4. BUTCHER'S BOARD with cured meats, cheese and olives
$5. SPAGHETTI with tomatoes, garlic and basil
$5. PIZZA MARGHERITA with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
$6. OYSTER of the day


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