Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Michelle's Fourth of July That Was Soooo Much Better Than Jen's

So, this weekend the BF and I decided that we would escape the city and venture on a Fourth of July Road Trip down south to Ashland and Jacksonille. The real reason was I wanted to escape from Jen and see Billy Idol, but that is just a small detail!

To go in style, the BF shined the car, I broke out the picnic basket, and headed to Pastaworks to get the makings of the "PERFECT PICNIC." The car was packed up and we headed out!

We enjoyed the drive drown with the wind in our hair and enjoying foot long Pixie Stix.

Oh this will take forever to write! We just did too much: Jacksonville, The Britt Festival, Billy Idol, The Perfect Picnic, Jacksonville Inn, La Fiesta, McMullen House, Morning Glory, Fireworks, Larks, Amuse, The Shakespeare Festival...too much to blog. So I decided that I would create a montage to summarize... Sorry Sis... my 4th was just sooo much better that it would take years to write about and pictures are worth a thousand words! Enjoy!


  1. My Fourth was best. Hello- In A bar,Bethy, Jen, my BF and my dog- all drinking beer. Great Pictures Cuz.

  2. Well last night was interesting converstaion at the crown room in China town on 4th and davis. I think the service was great, drink fantastic. you two on the other hand seemed to think different. it was good to meet you, lets do dinner again some where and give it another chance. Eric