Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

Since Michelle was spending the holiday weekend in Ashland on a romantic getaway with her sweetie (Gag!), I was planning to celebrate Fourth of July solo on my fire escape with a sparkler and a Budweiser and then take a 1,776 minute nap after our exhausting past few weeks. But somehow, I found myself downtown Friday night with Beth, Brian, Eric and Gareth. Here are a few highlights.

We tried to go to Clyde Common, but it was closed. Bethie was devastated. 

Fortunately Saucebox was open, so we kicked off the evening with the "Hojito" and the "Green Dragon." Those became our fake names for the evening.  

Onward to the Tugboat Brewing Company on SW Ankeny...where Hojito and I met Daisy, my new favorite drinking buddy. Tugboat, a cozy pub tucked into a tiny alley right off SW Broadway, is half old English library, half ship captains's quarters, and specializes in strong British-style ales. I think Daisy had been tippling a bit.

The boys joined us shortly thereafter, along with Gareth of Wales, who is having his second birthday party later this month at Lucky Lab Brewing Company. Happy Almost Birthday Gareth! Yeah, I know, you wish Dad would quit posing and give you a sip of his Guinness already.

And the good times continued from there, but the above mentioned is, as they say, all the news that's fit to print. Hope your 4th was fabulous!


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  1. Ahhhhh! The mysterious Gareth of Wales reveals himself. A very talented and nice dog to send a card. Thank you very much!!
    Say Hi to Brian And Eric. guys have to go!