Monday, September 15, 2008

Bunny War is ON!

A few months ago, Jen thought it would be funny to buy all of Freddy Meyer's old chocolate Easter bunnies for twenty-five cents each and while I was sleeping put them all over my car and yard (click here to read the post). She then sent me the following cryptic text, "Peter and his babies are so cold, sis. Let them in!" I then had to go out in the freezing cold in my pajamas and pick up all of the bunnies, so the neighbors wouldn't think I was a total freak. I am sure Jen thought I would just either eat the chocolate (it was waxy, cheap chocolate-totally not French) or toss it in the trash, but I have always had a plan for the waxy bunnies- REVENGE.

The time for revenge surfaced the other night when Jen said she was at a friend's house and was just too tired to go to Alu with the BF and me. How BORING!! The BF had the genius idea that we could liberate Jen from her BORINGNESS by doorbell ditching her... it was then I had an epiphany- BUNNY REVENGE. We dusted off the waxy chocolate bunnies and then proceeded to put them all over her car and friend's yard.

I think our favorite part of the night was after sending Jen the same cryptic email, we circled around the block just in time to see her scurrying to pick all the waxy easter bunnies up. The BF and I decided that we must celebrate our success over some bubbly, so we headed over to my new favorite bar Alu.

Bunny War on Sis!

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