Monday, September 1, 2008

La Calaca Comelona: BYOTC (Bring Your Own Tortilla Chips)

A few weeks ago when Jen and I were soaking in my hot tub full of ice to save ourselves from the heatwave, we were trying to decide where to take our Table for Twelve dinner. We were thinking ice cold margaritas and beautiful patios and that led us to La Calaca Comolona, a small Mexican restaurant on Belmont with a gigantic patio. Of course when the day came to go to La Calaca Comolona, there was a monsoon and it was freezing, so we all had to sit inside and try to get cozy while drinking freezing drinks.

For those of you who have never been to a Table for Twelve (shame on you), we do a survey after the dinner of all of our guests and then I use the surveys to write my review. Guests are asked to rate certain aspects of the meal/dining experience by giving a rating of 1 to 5 bottles of champagne with 5 being the best. A few of our diners have been getting up in my grid (yes grid- not grill) about not posting the overall results. So from now on you will get the average results! The survey results of our dinner at La Calaca Comolona are...

As you can see the ratings were quite good and the overall rating was a 4.3! The only major complaint in the comments was that there was no tortilla chips and Jessica complained that she didn't know it was a BYOTC (Bring Your Own Tortilla Chips) party. (This excludes the comment Jen made that the only improvement needed was for me to wipe the pooh face look off my face.) It is not like they were out of chips, they never have them. They do serve salsa with their house made tortillas, which are absolutely wonderful, but I think some of our guests were craving a salty, crunch! To get over it, quite a few sipped on a Paraiso ($7), which has coconut rum and white rum, with orange, cranberry and pineapple juice... it tasted like summer and everyone at the table was raving about it.

I am not sure if it was the monsoon outside or the lack of tortilla chips or Jen's pooh face, but we were definitely a feisty, loud, food-sharing bunch. I couldn't quite capture the essence of the evening in words (it would have been a novel), so I decided to capture it with pictures and music...


La Calaca Comolona * 2304 SE Belmont* dinner served Monday - Saturday 5:30 to close* Reservation Accepted* BYOTC


  1. Great video! Who was the guy who did not rsvp?

  2. I did not have a poo face! I never have a poo face! I am the good-natured sister.

  3. Happy Birthday Michelle!