Friday, September 19, 2008

A Princess & Slave Birthday at TableTalkPortland

Well, besides food there is one thing we get REALLY excited about at TableTalk Portland and that is our birthdays! Our mother ingrained in us that birthdays are a very serious event and on the day you must surround yourself with great food, friends, and experiences. So, I recently celebrated my birthday in TableTalk style!

Jen and I had done a Birthday Eve celebration at Alu (review coming soon) in rockstar style.

Birthday morning was a little tough, because I typically make it a policy never to work on my birthday, but this year was an exception because I am totally out of vacation. So, I made a brief appearance at work, was crowned Princess, ate eclairs, received a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and headed to Castagna for my birthday lunch. Chef Elias called to say they were going to prepare a special lunch in honor of my big day (we sort of have an inside connection ;)).

Of course I had to wear my crown!
In our family a birthday means that your siblings have to do whatever you ask of them and with a smile... so it was so much fun to have Jen be my slave for the day... so after she shined my crown and sunglasses our dishes arrived. Of course when it is your birthday in our family, Executive Chef Elias brings the dishes to your table.

Boquerones and chilled mussels...

Agnolotti... which I obviously couldn't contain myself over...

Foie gras with slightly underripe nectarines tossed with Muscat on housemade brioche...

Then I made my slave Jen ask our classically handsome waiter Eli to make us a root beer float...

I was really excited about my birthday root beer float...

Slave Jen clearly wasn't having as much fun as me...

To brighten her day I let her know that I would need her to chauffeur me to my spa appointment and she needed to call and confirm it! Her birthday is coming up and I know I will pay dearly as her slave! After I made Slave girl pay the bill, I told her to go home and make my fresh whipped cream and banana chocolate cake for my party and then pick me up after my massage and soak... I love my birthday!

For the party, we decided to keep it simple by ordering pizza from Hammy's , which is my new favorite pizza from a place that delivers. (The great thing about Hammy's besides their thin crust pizza is that they will deliver a movie with your pizza!)

There is just about one thing we love as much as our birthday and that is singing karaoke at our birthday party, and singing Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart is "Our Thing." So, instead of boring you with more talk about my birthday... I thought the best way to get a good feel for a TableTalkPortland birthday is to let you be lulled by the sounds of Total Eclipse of the Heart (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE RATED PG-13 VERSION DUE TO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE) and pictures of my great day!


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  1. The only thing missing from your awesome bday was me :( Party on girls!!