Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noble Ro(cke)t Lands Atop E. Burnside

Who are these people?! Quit blocking the view!!

Today was a morning of emotional ups and downs. First, I had to get up this morning and get ready for work (DOWN). Then I found a forgotten bar of Chocolove's Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate in my desk drawer (UP). Then Michelle called and said something nasty so I said something nasty back just as my boss, who already thinks I spend 86.5 percent of my workday on the phone with Michelle, walked by (DOWN). Then Rocket Executive Chef Leather Storrs called and said he could not host our next Planned Parenthood Sexy Tuesday's event at Rocket as we'd planned (DOWN).

But just as I was about to chalk today up as one big DOWN, Leather he told me something very exciting, something I'd probably already know if I read the Oregonian, which I don't, because their website is hard to navigate and despite being a journalism major, I don't like getting newsprint on my fingers. Leather said he couldn't promise Rocket for the next PPST event because Rocket is going to become...Noble Rot! Leather and wife Courtney Storrs, who co-owns Noble Rot with Kimberly Bernosky, are teaming up and bringing Noble Rot--with its beautiful wines and sophisticatedly comforting small plates and wholly satisfying desserts--to Rocket's dazzling, viewcentric space at 11th and E. Burnside (UP).

Leather said Noble Rot will close its doors at the old location on SE Ankeny on Jan. 31, and reopen in what once was Rocket on Friday, Feb. 5. I didn't ask if they'll be revamping Rocket's modern decor and cozying the space up a bit for more of a wine bar look and feel, but Leather did say that at least initially, the Noble Rot menu will remain the same, as they "don't want to frighten anyone." So no worries, onion tart fans.

So now I'm sitting at my desk imagining Michelle and I on the Noble Rocket deck this summer, enjoying the finest view on the east side whilst sipping Prosecco and nibbling a salad culled from the rooftop garden, and that daydream is definitely one big UP.


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