Friday, January 9, 2009

Table For Twelve: The "Your Inner Food Beast Wants to Wine and Dine in 2009!" Edition!

Dear food-loving friends,

TableTalkPortland hopes you had a very merry and memorable holiday season. We did, even though Santa did not bring Jen the one and only thing she asked for (a mini bulldog named Admiral Toot), and Mom gave someone (Jen) a slight concussion with a cowbell shaped like an angel while we were caroling on Peacock Lane in our pajamas (after a little too much mulled wine), and Michelle had to postpone her famous yearly Christmas Party twice because Jack Frost was determined to save her neighborhood from the annual indignity of our hot-toddy-fueled midnight Christmas Party karaoke session (think "Total Eclipse of the Heart", the Old School version, on repeat).

And since thanks to good old Jack Frost we didn't have to waste any time dreaming of a White Christmas this year, we spent our homebound holidays dreaming of what 2009 would have to offer -- hopefully, a mini bulldog named Admiral Toot. Er, we meant to say world peace. And, a brand new year of Table For Twelve supper club events! We're kicking off Table For Twelve '09 in style, by taking TFT to Beast next week!

Join us at Beast, which Esquire magazine recently lauded as the nation's "Most Tolerable Example of the Communal-Table Trend," for Chef Naomi Pomeroy's peerless "Ghetto French" cookin' on Wednesday night! Next week's menu hasn't been posted yet, but consider a few highlights of last week's spread: white bean, kale & bread soup with shaved parmesan and French oil, pheasant breast stuffed with brioche, house pancetta, dandelion and golden raisins, citrus-marinated sea scallop with grapefruit, tangerine and avocado and mint salsa verde, olive oil cake with poached apricots, figs, prunes and vanilla bean whipped cream. Seriously, if you aren't clicking the Reply button right now and screaming for a spot at the table, you're as cold-blooded as Jack Frost.

We hope you will join us Wednesday for Table For Twelve: The "Your Inner Food Beast Wants to Wine and Dine in 2009!" Edition!

Details, Details
When: 6 pm seating, Wednesday, January 14
Where: Beast, 5425 NE 30th, Portland, OR 97211 (
Why: Because we are setting the bar high for 2009, so why not kick off TFT '09 at one of Portland's very best restaurants. And because Naomi kicks rump! Just ask Esquire. Just ask Gourmet magazine. Just ask Portland Monthly. Just ask us.
Who Should Not Come: Vegetarians, Vegans, Meataphobics, anybody who likes to ask the kitchen to tweak their meal (Naomi don't do substitutions, savvy?), Mom's angel-shaped cowbell, Jack Frost, Michelle.
How Much This Will Cost You: $45/5-course tasting menu or $52/6-course tasting menu + wine (if you want wine) + gratuity. Also, we had to put our credit card down to secure this reservation so if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or don't show, we'll be forced to drum you out of the TFT club for all of '09 and we'll disparage you bitterly on Facebook, Michelle's fave new pastime.

See you at the table!

Jen & Michelle
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