Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Apizza Scholls- a Cure for the Common Cold

I was a little under the weather on Thursday and not sure that I wanted to go out, but then the bf proposed Apizza Scholls and I just couldn't turn it down. I know that people say to avoid cheese when you have a cold, but I am sure that whoever they are, they didn't mean Apizza Scholls cheese. There is typically a wait, but my bf and I were lucky and got right in- a clear sign that I was supposed to go there sick and all! My remedy for my cold was to start with the caesar salad ($8). Vegetables are always good for a cold and combined with garlic, egg, and anchovies it sounded like an old home remedy and tasted so much better.

I was still feeling under the weather, so we decided to continue the cold therapy by ordering Pizza Amore ($24) and root beers. I have to just come out and say it... it is the Best Pizza in the entire world. The crust is perfectly thin and gives you the perfect amount of crunch as you bite through the hot cappicola, fresh basil, creamy whole milk mozzarella, and amazing tomato sauce. Apizza Scholls is not for the type of person who likes non-traditional pizzas (alfredo sauce pizza, barbeque chicken pizza, gorgonzola pizza, etc). They pride themselves on making traditional pizza with their famous dough and fresh ingredients. The have limited ingredients and actually don't let you put more than 3 items on the pie, so that you can really taste each ingredient.

Who couldn't feel better after a meal like that... I seriously think that people should toss out their Airborne and go to Apizza Scholls to cure their colds.

There is only one downside to the pizza... the crust is soooo thin and crispy that it is best enjoyed in the restaurant because if you take it home to reheat it gets soggy. I think this is why they do not offer delivery or takeout. So, make sure that you eat the entire pie in the restaurant, which isn't really that hard to do!

Apizza Scholls * http://apizzascholls.com/* 4741 SE Hawthorne * 503.233.1286 * Tuesday- Saturday* 5 to 9:30pm or until they run out of dough* reservations for 8-12 pp only

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