Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pambiche- Step into Summer

My sister and I were fed up with this Portland weather and craving summer on Monday... so we decided to go to Cuba. Well not really Cuba, but Pambiche was close enough. We walked in and felt like we'd stepped out of the PDX gloom and into the tropics.
We rolled in famished at about 9pm after a meeting about launching the Table Talk Portland website (stay tuned...we'll have it up soon!). There was a real need to try all the food and Pambiche has a giant menu, so we decided that we would begin with their sampler appetizer plate, the Primera Vuelta ($13.75). It has one large empanada, 2 croquetas, 2 frituras, ensalada caribeƱa and ensalada de remolacha. Jen and I chose the Picadillo empanada, which is filled with cuban beef hash and I have to say it was my favorite item of the evening. The beef is so tender and seasoned and it is all surrounded by a pie shell that is crisp with a pinch of salt. If you like corn bread, you will love the maiz frituras.

The appetizers were such a success that we could hardly wait for our Plato Cubano ($14.50)-adobo marinated roast pork, yuca con mojo, served with cuban beans & rice. The tender, savory pork was perfectly complimented by the slightly sweet yuca.

We were still pretending it was an endless summer evening and so even when the clock struck 10pm, we figured we should carry on with a giant slice of Lime in the Coconut cake ($6.75). The cake was so moist, because it is laced with saoco syrup and has coconut natilla filling. My only issue was that the lime was a bit overpowering and you could barely taste the coconut. My sister said that she loved that the lime was so powerful because it made her feel even more summery...

Pambiche** 2811 NE Glisan* 503.233.0511 Ext. 3* Open every night for lunch and dinner* Saturday & Sunday Cuban Breakfast* no reservations

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