Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vinopolis + Sofia Sparkly

My sis and I are pretty fond of the bubbly and even more so of bubbly that comes wrapped in pink cellophane. So we are huge fans of the Sofia Blanc de Blancs, the beautiful packaged, slightly glamorous and oh-s0-bubbly sparkling wine by Francis Coppola. 

This lovely sparkly, with its soft honeysuckle, peach and tropical fruit notes, usually retails for around $20, but we get ours at downtown Portland's Vinopolis Wine Shop for the low price of $15.26. Or, even better, we just have parties and people bring it to us!

Sadly, one of our less mature friends decided to submerge my rubber chicken in Sofia at our recently held Bangers 'n Mash Ball (in honor of the visiting Brits of course).  RIP, little rubber chicken. I suppose there are worst ways to go. 

Vinopolis * www.vinopoliswineshop.com * 1025 SW Washington St. * 503.223.6002 * visit Vinopolis very soon, and hide your rubber chickens when the Sofia cork pops.

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