Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mother's Yourself

My poor sister is still under the weather and even staying home from work couldn't cheer her up. Since what you really need at a time like this is Mom, and Mom was unavailable, we bundled her up and headed downtown to Mother's Bistro, decreeing that Michelle's sniffles and woe-is-me moaning was nothing a little home-cooked chicken noodle soup and mimosas couldn't cure. 

As always the understated elegance of Mother's Bistro put us immediately at ease; the large dining room welcomes you with its homey feel, soft floral fabrics, vintage-style mirrors and artwork, muted green and yellow striped wainscoting and golden chandeliers suspended from the high ceilings. Less at ease was the poor woman I walked in on in the restroom--make a note to be sure and lock the door securely if you use the loo when you go. After that experience I was slightly shaken, so I ordered a mimosa ($6.50) to calm my nerves--a thing of beauty with its layers of orange juice and strawberry syrup. My poor ill sister chose a refreshingly curative bellini ($7), with fresh peach puree, peach Schnapps, champagne, and fresh mint.

Our lunch order was simple--two large bowls of Belle's Chicken Noodle Soup please ($5.95). The soup was steaming hot and studded with cut carrots, celery, linguini noodles, and tender threads of shredded chicken in an unmistakeably homemade broth that made me want to go home, toss out my boxes of ready-made broth, and get out my stock pot. Served alongside were several of Mother's massive French rolls and a pat of butter. Bearing in mind that some of you reading this may desire a lunch of greater substance than soup and cocktails, Mother's Bistro is the Mother-ship of comfort food, with its thorough selection of hearty sandwiches, burgers, salads, and famous Cheddar Cheese Mac n' Cheese. I'm sure someday when 
Michelle regains her health, we'll be back for Mother's Reuben and a Mom'sStrawberry Mountain Meatloaf. 

After polishing off our soup, another round of bellinis, and the plate of tiny homemade chocolate-mint, macadamia nut, and shortbread swirl cookies Mother's bids you adieu with, I have to say Michelle looked considerably healthier. Frankly, I'm surprised more medical professionals don't recommend Mother's Bistro as a salve for the common cold. Consider yourself enlightened.


Mother's Bistro * * 503.464.1122 * 212 SW Stark St. * closed Mondays * yes reservations * remember to lock the bathroom door 

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