Monday, June 30, 2008

Clyde Common and the Travel Channel Film Crew!

So Sunday night, the Travel Channel crew informed us, was their night off. They "fancied" a "night on the town," and ambassadors of Portland that we are, we obliged. We decided that Clyde Common was just the place for dinner, with its lively atmosphere, long communal tables, and gastropub-esque dining experience.

Michelle, Reatha, and I had a cocktail and a glass or two of rose and a few very nice English and Irish cheeses at the bar while we waited for everyone else.

Lo and behold! Brother Elias, Executive Chef at Castagna, happened by on his bike! We told him and his girlfriend Anella to come on in, the more the merrier. Clyde Common hostess Jen graciously moved a few things around and upped our reservation.

Everyone gathered around the table, and starters began arriving.

Ben had the fish,

Bob had the lamb,

And Brian (left, Portlandian) and Alistair (right, British) had the cheesy grins. Okay, Alistair's grin wasn't that cheesy, but Brian's is.

When we realized that SUNDAY NIGHT IS HALF PRICE ON SPARKLY NIGHT at Clyde Common, the festivities rose another notch.

And finally, it was dessert and off to bed. Or the Vault, possibly, it's all a little bubbly, er, fuzzy.

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