Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Figuelle Sandwich is Born

Michelle and I had an argument tonight over what to name our beautiful and tasty new sandwich, developed right here in the TableTalkPortland test kitchen. I wanted to name it the Figuette, she wanted to name it the Michelle.

The Figuelle is an ethereal combination of fresh Mission figs, cut and layered with slices of Brie on a Ken's Artisan Bakery Parisian baguette that has been slathered with soft creamy Gorgonzola dolce (translation: sweet gorgonzola), the kinder gentler version of gorgonzola that will win over even most blue cheese skeptics with its mild flavor.

So simple, so good. Go make a Figuelle of your own and eat it slowly on the front porch, relishing the last few weeks of summer.



  1. Yum, that fig sandwich looks terrific. I bet some proscuitto would add another dimension as well.
    Nice to see a couple more Portlanders on Food Buzz

  2. Hi Norm,

    Thanks for the suggestion, we do so love prosciutto. Michelle was supposed to write a comment and tell you that she and Mom made the Figuelle the other night with prosciutto and it totally knocked her 5-inch Jessica Simpson heels off, but she's too lazy, so I had to do it for her.

    Have a great day!