Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go Greek Tonight at Alexis


As any of you who know us well know, our childhood makes My Big Fat Greek Wedding look sophisticated and stylish. You see, when Dad moved to the United States from Greece, he worked his hardest to make America feel like home. We had giant naked statues in the front yard, flocks of pigeons roaming the front lawn, sheep bleating in our backyard, and small-scale Parthenon pillars flanking the front steps.

Inside, Dad had every room covered in deep blue carpet, which he insisted mimicked the exact hue of the Mediterranean ocean. A huge golden Greek key was painted on the walls in every room, and our family's prized possession was a three foot oil painting of the Parthenon surrounded by the largest, most ornately carved gleaming gilded wood frame that anyone ever saw. Our friends were always entranced by it, and being the industrious sisters we are, we soon began charging admission to see it. Seeing an opportunity to help us pad our college funds, Mom generously agreed to provide one piece of freshly-baked baklava with the entrance fee.

Naturally we've been awaiting next weekend's Greek Festival with bated breath, eager for our annual childhood flashback. We've got a fresh bottle of Ouzo waiting. The festival can't come fast enough. But imagine our joy when we discovered a way to usher in the Greek celebration even earlier than usual WHILE helping further the arts in Portland. Our acquired taste in art may run on the gaudy side thanks to our upbringing, but considering our ancestors were some of the greatest artists in history, we love exploring Portland's most excellent art scene.

Our friend Brian T. Wilson, tireless arts advocate, and Nancy Stovall, president of the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association, are teaming up to present an exciting new arts venture, the first ever Gallery Tour in Historic Old Town, this Wednesday night at 5:30pm. As Brian puts it, "Explore Portland's newest art frontier In Portland's oldest neighborhood. Meet local curators and artists who are bringing a new energy to Portland." Sounds exciting, doesn't it? And Brian, who is leading the tour, promised there are no paintings of the Parthenon in massive golden frames, either.

We want to help the Gallery Tours, to be held monthly this fall, rocket off to a fabulous, f'enomenal, flying artsy startsy! (FFFAT!) Join us at 5:30 pm at a TBD location in Old Town to kick off the Gallery Tour, and then we'll caravan down the road to Old Town's famous Alexis Restaurant, for some native cuisine and a rollicking good Greek time. Art! Food! Family! Friends! Fun! It's all happening this Wednesday night in Old Town Chinatown, and we hope you will join us at this SPECIAL EDITION Table For Twelve at Alexis: "The Greeks Go Artsy in Old Town Chinatown" Edition

Details, Details

When & Where: Dinner--Wednesday, Oct. 1, 7 pm, at Alexis Restaurant, 215 W. Burnside St. (Please note you don't have to attend the Gallery Tour to come to our dinner)
--Gallery Tour, Wednesday, Oct. 1, Meeting place TBD at 5:30 pm, Old Town/Chinatown- It's FREE!

Why: Because we love Old Town/Chinatown, and Greek Food, and the arts, and if you come Michelle will paint you a three foot picture of the Parthenon!

What: Table For Twelve is Jen & Michelle's earnest attempt to cultivate convivial consumption among Portland food lovers and food curious alike. What does that mean? Beats us! But if you can't beat them, join them, we always say! So join us at Table For Twelve, it's the coolest supper club around! To find out more about Table For Twelve click HERE.

RSVP: For dinner, e-mail us at, for the Art Tour, e-mail Brian at

See you at the table!

Jen & Michelle

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