Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Beast of a Meal

We went to Beast tonight, Naomi Pomeroy's new(ish) place on NE 30th (at Killingsworth). Amazing. More detailed commentary to come. Seriously, amazing, from the foie gras bon bon to the duck confit  to the chocolate torte with candied blood orange and caramel. Not only do you get to eat all these delicious things, you get to watch Naomi herself churn them out in her hot steamy kitchen. And you get to write interesting things on the bathroom walls. Go...if  you can. A&E just published a ginormous spread about Beast that is sure to have their reservation book filled for weeks--maybe  months--to come. 

Beast * 5425 NE 30th * 503.841.6968 * (for menu) * Yes, you better make reservations. Now. We mean it. Call right now. 

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