Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bye and Bye... Hello Vegan Bar

Well, friends who know me know that I am a meat lovin' gal! So, you guys are going to love this! I went to the Bye and Bye, which I learned upon arrival is a vegan bar. I almost left, but I thought I should at least try it for all of our readers. I asked the darling bartender what their speciality was and he said that they are known for their vegan meatball sandwich ($8). I had to stifle a little laugh at such an obvious oxymoron, but I had to try it. To my surprise, it tasted like a really good non-vegan meatball sandwich. My adorable boyfriend was with me and he missed the entire discussion about it being a vegan bar, so I had him try it and he loved it! I let him get a few bites into it before I told him that it was vegan and he didn't believe me, so I'd say that speaks for itself!

Since the meatball sandwich was such a success, I decided to ask the bartender what their specialty drink was and he said to try The Bye and Bye ($7). The presentation was slightly hysterical--they serve it in a massive mason jar. It was one of those dangerous drinks where you don't taste the alcohol, though it's certainly there--in the form of Southern Comfort and Stoli Peach, which is mixed with cranberry and soda. It's a summer afternoon in a mason jar, which was very welcome since it was practically snowing outside!

The space is huge and adorned with lots of great artwork done by one of the owners. I plan on hanging out there often in the summer, because they have several garage doors that retract to create an open space and they have a giant patio. The crowd is made up of the Alberta neighbors and lots of people with laptops enjoying drinks and vegan food. All of the food is priced between $3-$8, specialty cocktails are all $7, and beer is $2 (PBR tallboy) - $6.

The Bye and Bye * 1011 NE Alberta* 503.281.0537 * Non-Smoking

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