Monday, January 28, 2008

Poetry skills rusty/awful/nonexistent this V-Day? Have no fear, Chocolove is here!

Once upon a time, in what seems now like another lifetime, I lived in a tiny mountain town where good chocolate was as hard to come by as full & non-Skoal-stained sets of teeth. But for some reason, which I can only chalk up to divine intervention of some sort, the local grocer had an affinity for Chocolove, a Boulder-based chocolatier who produces some of the most beautifully packaged and V-Day ready bars of chocolate ever. After arriving in the big city and wandering wide-eyed through the likes of Cacao, Sahagun, Alma, Pix, Moonstruck and Verdun, I forgot all about the chocolate that had sustained me through three long years of relative choco-famine. Then I strolled into the City Market on NW 21st today to buy some Viande pate, and immediately caught sight of the familiar and brilliantly colored display filled with some of Chocolove's best bars, like the Raspberries in Dark Chocolate (pictured, 65% cacao if you are a cacao percentage nerd like me), Dark Cherry Almond (55% cacao), and Hazelnut Milk (33% cacao and oh-so-creamy). It's true there are better quality chocolates out there to buy your one and only this V-Day, but if you're just looking for something simple & sweet to slip in  your lover's suit coat pocket before they head off to slave away in the cube farm in order to afford your Tiffany heart locket pendant (, AHEM), or that perfect 'secret admirer' gift for your office crush, I don't think  you can beat Chocolove's whimisical packaging--not only do the bars come in deep red, pink, and chocolate brown hues, but they are festooned with gold hearts, xoxoxo, and pretty stamps that make them resemble a 65%-cacao love letter. Best of all, if  you're an extremely poor poet such as myself (limericks excluded--I write a mean limerick, just ask Michelle, haha, sometime maybe I will write you one if you are lucky), there is a love poem included on the inside of the wrapper. It's the ultimate Valentine. 


Chocolove * * where to find: City Market, Whole Foods, New Seasons, Target *which kind is MY favorite you ask? well, I do so love the dark cherry almond. thank you for asking.

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