Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Cloud 99 at Cacao!

I dropped into Cacao today with exactly four dollars in my wallet, not enough for the Vosges Barcelona bar I'd been craving (smoked almonds, fleur de sel, deep milk chocolate, my absolute favorite chocolate bar ever), so after a salivating turn around the store, I moseyed over and scanned the case of single pieces. They were two dollars each-- I had to choose wisely. I might have been there all day, (not exactly the worst way to spend a Sunday) had I not been offered assistance by a very knowledgeable gentleman whose name I neglected to get...he recommended the fig and fennel chocolate by Seattle-based theo chocolate ( and the dreamy creamy noir infini by Michel Cluizel of Paris (, made with 99 percent cacao. Words cannot describe it, let's just say I was on Cloud 99 as I ate it. Thank you Cacao, for making the world such a better place. 


Cacao * 414 SW 13th * 503.241.0656 * * get one of the drinking chocolates, oh my!

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