Friday, January 25, 2008

Still Dreaming About the Cheese (Ten 01)

So tabletalkportland special correspondent April managed to escape the cube farm well before quittin' time in order to meet me at 3 pm for an early happy hour at Ten 01 in the Pearl. The bar was empty except for a few guys in suits drinking Ten 01's excellent wine and looking mildly pretentious, but April was wearing her new Banana Republic sweater and I was wearing my Juicy Couture jeans, so we weren't intimidated.  We ordered the cheese plate ($6) and the charcuterie plate (also $6). They were phenomenal! The cheese plate was beautiful, with generous portions of three soft cheeses accompanied by a row of bright orange dried apricots, a tiny pool of  honey, and some sort of fruit paste (quince maybe? I forgot to ask, I was so enraptured by the cheese). The charcuterie plate was also well endowed with five meats lined up three or four deep, accompanied by a tiny stack of cornichons, a quenelle of dark whole grain mustard, a chutney, and a dollop of dijon. 
It's 11:34 pm, and I'm still thinking about that cheese...especially the creamy blue. I believe I must return to Ten 01 tomorrow at 3 pm on the dot. Is that wrong? I know, I know, so many happy hours, so few afternoons, but I can't stop thinking about it. I feel bad that I didn't get the names of the cheeses. I suppose I'll HAVE to go back now. Sob. 
(Ten 01 * 1001 NW Couch St. * 503.226.DINE * Happy Hour M-Sat 3-6 pm * Get the cheese)



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