Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jen & Michelle Go to Market

Michelle and I needed to walk off some of the bowling ball-sized lumps of Kenny & Zuke's late night happy hour food that still lie leaden in our bellies Saturday morning, so we headed downtown for the PSU Portland Farmer's Market, our favorite food haven between the months of April and December.

Here is what we did.
It is snowing! This wretched faux-Spring. Michelle was quite cold and I was rather hungry, so we had to catch rabbits in the South Park blocks and fashion her a warm headdress and me a bit of rabbit stew for breakfast. (Just kidding, PETA! That is totally faux fur and I had a Salvador Molly's tamale for breakfast!)

Michelle is super excited about her Pig in a Blanket breakfast.

Michelle proves there is no such thing as "Too Much Syrup."

We sit and enjoy our breakfast in the plaza, rendered speechless by mouthfuls of Pig in a Blanket and Salvador Molly Tamale (, and the delightful performance of the gaudily-clad Renegade Rose Morris group, which performs intricate English village morris dances that involve whacking sticks together, waving large white cloth napkins at each other, and dancing unsteadily but with great merriment. (

Time for tiny cookies from Two Tarts Bakery! (

Hot coffee from Cafe Velo...they single press each cup!

Eek! Michelle is beyond excited about her Draper Girls Country Farm ( Apple Cider.

While we're at Draper Girls, I pick up a few exquisite little Forelle pears.

Radishes at Groundworks Organics! (

Michelle drops a French Breakfast radish and kicks it under the table! I am telling!

Rainy Way Farms and their cool grow-your-own-salad/herbs bowls.

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts. ( He cuts a deal with Michelle-a bag of filberts and a container of homemade hazelnut-cocoa butter for $8!

Apparently, I have "Michelle's Produce Porter" stamped on my forehead. Why didn't we utilize the Veggie Valet service? And why can't I get this picture turned around?

Sampling honey from Winters Farms.

Chenin Carlton of new Basket Case Wines ( in Pacific City pours Michelle some Cabernet Sauvignon.

We pile everything in the back of the Miata and head home to drink tea with fresh honey and eat Two Tarts cookies and huddle around the heater.


Portland Farmer's Market * Every Saturday from 8:30 am - 2 pm *

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