Sunday, April 13, 2008

Table For Twelve at Apizza Scholls!

So basically, we've been slacking on our blog posting, mostly I suppose because Michelle was in Mexico last week and I, just slacking I guess. We have yet to send out our invite for this week's Table For Twelve, but I'll post the gist of it here...

Dear Friends Who Love Food,

If you read our blog now and then (, it's pretty obvious how we feel about Apizza Scholls on SE Hawthorne. We love it. We can't get enough of it. We dream about the Apizza Amore. We cry a little on Sundays and Mondays when we drive by and see the closed sign. Michelle once went so far as to claim that Apizza Scholls is the cure for the common cold. And incidentally, since the first thing poor Michelle did upon setting foot on Mexican soil last week for her sunny beach getaway was develop a nasty cold, she could use some Apizza Scholls right about now.

Imagine our delight when we learned that the seemingly-impenetrable-at-7 pm Apizza Scholls takes reservations! And even better, was willing to take our reservation for 12, effective this Wednesday, April 16, at 7 pm! You must join us for this very special Table For Twelve: The 'Apizza Scholls Takes Reservations...and We've Got One!' Edition!"

Details, Details

When: Wednesday, April 16, 7 pm (ooo, everyone waiting in line will be so jealous when we breeze past them with our golden ticket of a reservation!)

Where: Apizza Scholls, 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Why: Because even though we've eaten at Apizza Scholls three times this month already, we CAN'T GET ENOUGH.

SO.... Join us this Wednesday in celebrating our coveted, eagerly anticipated, and even curative Apizza Scholls reservation for a Table For Twelve!

See You at the Table,
Jen & Michelle

Table For Twelve is Jen & Michelle's earnest effort to Cultivate Convivial Consumption amongst food-lovers great and small across Portland. For more information about Table For Twelve, go to

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