Friday, August 15, 2008

Table For Twelve at La Calaca Comelona

    Jen has been having great success with her new Wine & Fruit Diet!

Table For Twelve at La Calaca Comelona: The "It's Too Darn Hot, Even For a Hungry Skeleton" Edition

Michelle and I are currently battling today's soaring temperatures in the best way we know how. By eating Otter Pops while being dipped in liquid nitrogen!

Just kidding, actually Michelle went to Freddy Meyer on her lunch break and opened all the freezer doors and stood in front of them until an irritated employee chased her off, whereupon she headed over to the dairy aisle and laid atop the cheese, and is kicking her legs briskly at anyone who tries to interfere. Hope nobody's dead bent on making fondue tonight!

And because Michelle is not home, I have snuck into her backyard, filled her hot tub with ice, turned up great American composer Cole Porter's catchy tune "Too Darn Hot" on her stereo, and mixed up a batch of blackberry margaritas, which I am dribbling all over her brand-new copy of Star magazine while I lounge in my ingenious new "cold tub." (haha!)

Speaking of margaritas, we are taking Table For Twelve to La Calaca Comelona (the Hungry Skeleton) on SE Belmont Wednesday night! We plan to commandeer their lovely patio and their supply of chilly housemade margaritas and ice cold Coronas, while celebrating what's left of our long lazy summer evenings hungry-skeleton style. Whatever that sounds fun, though. We plan to nosh on fresh guacamole with cilantro and serrano chiles, red snapper empanadas, prawns cooked with garlic and chipotle, pork cooked in banana leaves and achiote sauce, and the perfect complement to my new blackberry margarita fetish--the blackberry mole made with a million kinds of peppers and served with chicken, pear, rice and tortillas.

If talk of all that hot spicy Mexican food is making you sweat even more, don't worry, we'll have an icy margarita waiting for you Wednesday night at the Table For Twelve at La Calaca Comelona: The "It's Too Darn Hot, Even For a Hungry Skeleton" Edition. We hope you are not Too Darn Hot to join us!

Details, Details

When: Wednesday, August 20, 7 pm...or earlier if you want to come help us fight the good fight to take over La Calaca Comelona's patio, which is occupied on a "first come first serve" basis. Jen plans to get there at 2 pm with her flask of tequila and an iPod full of Cole Porter and Mariachi Vargas tunes. She will share...her music, that is.

Where: The patio of La Calaca Comelona Restaurante Mexicano, 2304 SE Belmont. Yes, the PATIO. We intend to triumph over La Calaca Comelona's "no reservations for the patio" policy!

Why: Because you can beat the heat with us by imbibing icy margaritas on La Calaca Comelona's PATIO , and eat spicy good Mexican food with fun people and hungry skeletons...what better way to spend a summer evening?

What: Table For Twelve is Jen & Michelle's earnest attempt to cultivate convivial consumption among Portland food lovers and food curious alike. What does that mean? Beats us! But if you can't beat them, join them, we always say! So join us at Table For Twelve, it's the coolest supper club around! To find out more about Table For Twelve click HERE.

RSVP: by e-mailing us at The intern will answer your e-mails as soon as he is done making us a Spongebob Squarepants piñata to bat around on the PATIO after dinner.

See you at the table,
Jen and Michelle

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