Sunday, August 3, 2008

TableTalkPortland T-Shirts Are In!


Michelle and I are very excited about our new t-shirts. They come in two styles for girls, a black v-neck and a black and grey three-quarter length sleeves version. For guys, they come in one style--regular t-shirt style, in slate grey, as modeled by Brian,  sort of. Brian was so excited to take his picture with his new t-shirt, he couldn't even wait to put it on! We think you will be just as thrilled with yours. 

Our new TableTalkPortland t-shirts are very versatile, and you can do many things while wearing them.

You can eat a Salvador Molly's tamale and make a poo-face (no reflection on the tamale, by the way--they are fantastic) while wearing your TableTalkPortland t-shirt. 
You can hang out at Farmer's Market at the booth with super fun 'n nice Epicurious Food Editor Sarah Kagan while wearing your TableTalkPortland t-shirt.

You can hold Gareth of Wales while wearing your TableTalkPortland t-shirt. 

You can say hello to  your friend Michael and his incredibly darling bulldog Marston while wearing your TableTalkPortland t-shirt.

You can go out for a glass of wine in your TableTalkPortland t-shirt, and then when you get a little sleepy, you and your berries can even take a nap in your TableTalkPortland t-shirt!

You too can order your very own t-shirt. Just e-mail us at if you want one. I don't know how much they cost yet, Michelle is on the TableTalkPortland T-Shirt Pricing Committee and she is completely neglecting to reply to my text inquiring as to the price, probably because she stole my sunglasses last night while we were at Doug Fir and she knows I want them back. Either that or she and Brian are out to brunch, wearing their new t-shirts, I'm sure. Because they are great for wearing to brunch too!



  1. send ur fav peeps in florida some of those t-shirts how much? bill us later no intrest lol =] we miss you guys love the cape coral crew p.s bri bri looks sexi with his shirt

  2. Thanks for the Salvador Molly's tamale plug lovely Table Talk Portland ladies! See you at the market.

    Your friendly neighborhood Salvador Molly's tamale vendor (and team).

    P.S. Love the blog and the new t-shirts!

  3. Girls -

    Special correspondent April here. I must have a t-shirt, preferably a black and grey three-quarter length one. Any chance I could get a hold of one by Friday? I had hopes of wearing it while I sit for my exam.

  4. You will be thrilled to hear, Special Correspondent April, that your t-shirt is already waiting for you, somewhere in my kitchen, maybe behind that blasted pink Strawberry Shortcake pinata, maybe under last night's empty wine bottles. Anyway, it's somewhere in here. I will give it to you at our next Bridge Run '08 event, which we might want to commence immediately, as I am beginning to develop a pot belly much akin to pervy Santa's. eeek!

  5. Dear Salvador Molly's,

    We wake up on Saturday mornings craving your Yucatan Chicken tamales. In fact sometimes the only reason we are on time for our Farmer's Market Taste the Place booth volunteer shift is because we know that the sooner we arrive, the sooner we can get our tamale.

    And, not only are the tamales delicious, but if they are not exactly 165 degrees yet when you order them, your charming staff sings Spinal Tap while you wait for them to finish cooking. What service! What ambiance! We are huge fans here at TableTalkPortland!


  6. Holy crap! You should put a NSFW warning on this post. I just wanted to know about t-shirts, not get slapped by my wife!

  7. Yes, Mom, I mean our t-shirt model, has quite a set of berries. Let us know if you want a t-shirt, we'll trade you one for a couple of Sabretts with relish, no kraut.