Friday, August 15, 2008

What is Table For Twelve?

A few of our readers have been asking about how our super fun supper club Table For Twelve works exactly, so here you go....

Table For Twelve is Jen & Michelle's earnest attempt to cultivate convivial consumption among Portland food lovers and food curious alike. What does that mean? Beats us, we just love using big fancy words! Just kidding, what it means is that approximately every two weeks (this can vary depending on various factors: Michelle's frequent jet-setting, Jen's laziness in writing the damn INVITE ALREADY, etc etc), we reserve a table for 12 at different restaurants around town, send an email about it to our mailing list, and the first 12 people to respond come to dinner with us. Maybe you love haute cuisine, maybe you're more of a food cart person, maybe you just like to meet new people, no matter...join us! 

The mechanics are pretty simple: show up to dinner on time, bring cash, keep track of what you order, pay what you owe when the bill comes, join us for a post-dinner cocktail somewhere nearby (that part is optional), and enjoy yourself enormously. See? So simple!

If you have any further questions, feel free to read our 10 Commandments of Table For Twelve, listed below. If you still have questions or if you want to be on our mailing list, e-mail and the TableTalkPortland intern will answer them as soon as he's done with the dishes.

1. Table For Twelve is put on by, a food review and discussion website, thus be aware that thy food-related table chatter and photograph may end up on the blog/website/TableTalkPortland YouTube channel.

2. Thou shalt be punctual for Table For Twelve, and if catastrophe should occur, thou shalt call the restaurant and ask them to inform us of your plight.

3. Thou shalt bring cash to cover your portion of the check (to avoid frazzling the server with 12 separate methods of payment).

4. Honor thy waitstaff with a friendly demeanor and positive attitude and please tip 18-20 percent, provided the service is worthy.

5. Thou shalt embrace the convivial vibe of Table For Twelve and be willing to share thy food with others. Thus, thou shalt not have communicable diseases.

6. Remember to have an open mind about unfamiliar cuisine and food preparations. In other words, try not to gag when Michelle orders sweetbreads.

7. If thou must cancel on us (BOO!) for some cataclysmic reason, thou shalt provide at least 24 hours notice or risk exclusion from future Table For Twelve events.

8. Thou shalt not be a fuss-budget, loud-mouth, potty-mouth, picky eater, gelato hater, non-drinker, or vegan. Just kidding. Sort of.

9. Thou shalt read and religiously, and pass the good word to others.

10. And most importantly, thou shalt have a marvelous time eating, drinking and being merry with other fantastic food-lovers!

We hope to see you at the table!
Jen & Michelle

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