Thursday, October 23, 2008

Does Happiness Leave Crumbs All Over Your Shirt? Yes.

NOTE: Sorry the food shots in this posting aren't super great, but I am utilizing Blogger's awesome new instant posting via email mechanism, which I'm in love with. Sometimes the pictures I take on my Blackberry aren't that stellar though. I need an iPhone, probably. Good thing my birthday is TUESDAY. Ahem. I said, MY BIRTHDAY IS TUESDAY. I LIKE IPHONES. AND CANDY. AND PUPPIES. Just in case you're wondering.

Everyone is always searching for the path to true happiness, so naturally when I spied this sign whilst strolling through the Pearl this morning, I was intrigued. Is happiness truly a ham and cheese croissant? To find out I would have to descend into the depths of Nuvrei's small but mighty sunken bakery, located at the corner of NW 10th and NW Flanders.

Following the irresistible scent of fresh pastries and also the stairs, because both lead right to Nuvrei, I bellied up to the Lilliputian display case, which was stuffed with a tempting array--rows of fat swirly cinnamon rolls, flaky almond and chocolate croissants, sweet crumbly scones and thick chewy chocolate chunk cookies, but the sign had been rather clear--'twas the ham and cheese croissant that would bring me the h-word.

Back at the office, I pulled out my freshly-baked hunk of happiness.

Its proudly puffed golden crunchy gruyere-spotted shell tore open to reveal a fat slice of salty smoky Black Forest ham spooning with creamy bechamel sauce inside melt-in-your-mouth layers of buttery croissant pastry.

This looked like pretty happy stuff all right. I ate it. I was so happy!

Then the ham and cheese croissant was gone. There were a few crumbs left on my shirt. I ate those too. There were crumbs in the bottom of the white bakery bag, so I hoovered those as well. Even the crumbs were gone now. I was sad.

The moral of this story? Yes, happiness can be found in a Nuvrei ham and cheese croissant, just like the sandwich board outside says, BUT, sadness is licking the last ham and cheese croissant crumbs off your fingers or snorting them from the depths of the bakery bag. So beware happiness seekers--your epic search for lasting contentment is not over yet. You might need to buy two ham and cheese croissants. Maybe even three.
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