Monday, October 13, 2008

Get Sexy Tonight With PP & Living Room Theatres!

I was feeling decidedly NOT SEXY this morning, probably because I ate almost an entire corned beef roast last night at Michelle's, during her spur-of-the-moment Corned Beef & Cabbage Roast. The corned beef was SO good, so tender and flaky and salty, I just couldn't stop stuffing in chunk after chunk of the bright rosy meat and washing it down with frothy mugs of ale, until I'd bloated up to the size of a Screen Door brunch plate, which meant I had to take a half bottle of Pepto Bismol and lie down on the sofa while everyone else played Cranium and ate pie. Like I said, NOT SEXY.

After this devastating setback to my preeminent personal goal for 2008, "Be SEXIER and Don't Eat Entire Roasts In One Sitting," I was thrilled to glance at my calendar and see Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette's always-anticipated SEXY TUESDAYS mixer 'n mingler is TONIGHT! Join us at 6 pm at the Living Room Theatre on SW Stark & SW 10th for SEXY cocktails & nibbles (you can have mine, I'm not eating anything for a week), SEXY company, and a special SEXY screening of the burlesquetastic documentary "A Wink and a Smile," which follows the stories of 10 women who enroll in Miss Indigo Blue's Seattle burlesque school and change their lives forever in unexpected, and of course SEXY, ways. I think it will be very inspiring. And SEXY. Go to to watch a preview.

So go at once to and buy your ticket to Planned Parenthood's Sexy Tuesdays...and embrace your Tuesday Sexiness! See you at the Living Room Theatre tonight...that is, if I don't get sidetracked en route by LRT's neighbor Clyde Common, seduced by an Amnesia IPA and a SEXY chunk of Roast Meat.


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