Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nuvrei Pastry Platter = Flawless Meeting Attendance

Sometimes it can be hard to get people at your workplace really, truly excited to come to early morning meetings. Morning Meeting Dread can be so severe that people call in with "flat tires" and "sick kids", or somehow manage to "spill hot coffee" on their arms just before the meeting starts--creating burns that require "immediate medical attention", or they "get lost" on the way to the conference room and hide in a bathroom stall with their feet up, or they "go out for a quick smoke" and then "accidentally get on a train to Seattle." 

But I have found a way to ensure that everyone on your meeting invite list accepts AND actually attends your morning meetings--the Nuvrei pastry platter. For a mere $18, you can purchase a beautiful tray of 10 luscious Nuvrei pastries, as I did this morning. You can also get a large tray, or a small/large tray of petite pastries. I've included the menu for your convenience. You can email your order in the night before your early morning meeting and it's waiting for pickup by 7 am the next day, giving you plenty of time to get it on the conference table nice and early and watch with smug satisfaction as it sends out its sweet siren scent to the tired, grouchy meeting-hating masses.

This strategy is so successful, you'll not only have 100 percent meeting attendance hereforth, you'll even get some opportunist stragglers who were NOT invited to the meeting, and possibly don't even work in your office, try to sneak in and filch one of your glorious pastries for their "sick kid" or "train ride to Seattle." Be prepared to perform some evictions, marveling that your morning meetings are now so popular you are actually having to kick people out of them! You will also notice a steep decline in reported office coffee burns. Thank goodness for Nuvrei.


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