Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show Little Green Grocer Some Love

I love the Little Green Grocer market, and want it to survive and thrive in its cheery spot beneath the Sitka building at NW Northrup & NW 11th, in the dark shadow of the soulless new Safeway In The Pearl.

Thusly, I found this email from LGG most entertaining. They do a sample price comparison of LGG vs. Safeway, and emerge triumphant, particularly in the arena of shiitake mushrooms. They are also having a cookie tasting this Saturday, and who doesn't love a good cookie tasting?

So if you live or work in the neighborhood, and prefer shopping family-owned, organic, and local, please become a loyal supporter of Little Green Grocer!


Greetings from Little Green Grocer!

Do you love fresh from the oven cookies, but don't have the time or talent for baking? Then we have a treat for you! Come down and see us on Valentine's Day. Our friend Karla, owner of The Little Icebox, will sample her pre-scooped all-natural, frozen cookie dough fresh from the oven!

The Little Icebox Cookie Tasting

Cookies fresh from the oven!

Saturday, 2/14


The Little Icebox cookies are no fuss, no muss...just pure delicious cookie indulgence! Each flavor of The Little Icebox cookie dough comes conveniently pre-scooped in adorable pint containers with 14 cookies.

Ready to be baked and enjoyed right out of the oven, whenever the mood strikes. All of The Little Icebox dough batches are made with natural ingredients, from local sources. Karla's cookies are sure to win hearts this Valentine's Day!


Take a look at them apples! A price comparison!

Little Green Grocer works hard to offer you the best available product at the most competitive prices. Each week, we comb through other markets in the neighborhood to be sure we stack up favorably.

When comparing apples to apples, Little Green Grocer (LGG) beats Safeway on price! Take a look at the price comparisons in this week's like of shared products.

Columbia Salami - LGG, $4.99, Safeway, $5.29

Pacific Organic Chicken Broth - LGG, $3.49, Safeway, $3.99

Pamela's Cookies - LGG, $4.19, Safeway, $4.89

Marantha Peanut Butter - LGG, $5.29, Safeway, $6.59

Annie's Salad Dressing, LGG, $3.59, Safeway, $4.19

Bellweather Creme Fraiche, LGG, $5.29, Safeway, $5.99

Muir Glenn Pasta Sauce, LGG, $4.39, Safeway, $6.59

Agave Nectar, LGG, $3.99, Safeway $4.69

Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce, LGG $6.29, Safeway, $6.85

This list goes on, but you get the point!

It's hard to get an apples to apples price comparison on produce because the majority of Safeway's produce is not organic. However, here's one produce comparison we just could not believe ourselves:

Shitaake mushrooms, LGG ORGANIC $8.99/lbs, Safeway CONVENTIONAL $15.99/lbs!

Next week we take on Whole Foods, stay tuned for how we stack up.

Thanks for continuing to support our business of supporting local food, local economy, local culture, and small businesses!

Nancy and Scott


About Little Green Grocer

Little Green Grocer is a family-owned, organic food market and full service grocery store located in Portland's Pearl District on the northwest corner of Tanner Springs Park. Little Green Grocer is committed to providing its community with high quality organic and local grocery, household and body care items, along with friendly and informed customer service.

Little Green Grocer
1101 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
Mon - Sat 8am-8pm
Sun 9am-8pm

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