Thursday, February 5, 2009

TFT: The "No, You Don't Have To Eat On a Blanket!" Edition

Dear food-loving friends,

We're Euro-mutts here at TableTalkPortland, and proud of it. Our tasty blend of Greek, Italian, French, Polish, Irish and German heritage ensures that a)we've got ample curves, b)we have slight attitude problems, and c)we eat well. It's our birthright.

But just the other day, during a rare moment of champagne-induced self-reflection, Michelle and I realized we aren't nearly multicultural enough. We can't remember the last time we ate Cambodian food. Someone at work asked us where the best Ethiopian food in town is, and we stammered and blushed. We haven't been to Hot Pot City. And when our friend Gloria told us we HAD to eat at Kabobi on SE Hawthorne because their Afghan food was to die for, we wondered aloud what she meant by "Afghan"--would we be eating on handknit blankets? This was embarrassing.

So, next week we're taking Table For Twelve to Kabobi restaurant, the self-proclaimed "first and only" Afghan restaurant in Portland. We're in for a treat. According to the Willamette Week, the lentils are "magical." The Kabobi website says all meat entrees are "halel." What does this mean? We have no idea! But we intend to find out. We can't wait to try the Borawni Kadoo, mostly because it is so fun to say. The Kofta Chalaw looks amazing, and the Kabuli Palaw with lamb shank is causing us to drool all over our keyboard. For a sneak peek at the menu, go to As an added bonus, considering that we're in tight times and dining out budgets are lean, we even found a 10 percent off coupon on Kabobi's website for first-time customers, and Kabobi has agreed to honor this discount on all our party's entrees. Wow!

We hope you will join us next Wednesday for our slightly abashed exploration of Borawani Bandinjan, Shornakhod, and Sabzi, at Table For Twelve: The "No, You Don't Have To Eat On a Blanket" Edition!

Details, Details

When: Wednesday, February 11, 6:30 pm

Where: Kabobi Afghan Cuisine, 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd.,

Why: Because we are embarrassed that we don't know a Mantoo from a Gulpi, and because the lentils are magical.

Dress Code: Do NOT even think about wearing a blanket. We won't think it's funny at ALL.

RSVP: Email us at or send a carrier pigeon to the M Bar with your name, number, and three hazelnut-topped salted caramels from SahagĂșn. Thank you.

See you at the table!

Jen & Michelle
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