Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bites For Rights--Eating Out For a Great Cause!

Our darling Brian T. Wilson has sent this our way, so take note, diners!! You simply must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out on Thursday...all for a good cause, of course! And when we say "for a good cause" we don't mean, "so you don't have to wash dishes all day long," although that certainly is a perk of your goodwill!

Bites for Rights--Let's do lunch! And breakfast, and dinner...on Thursday, June 19, for Basic Rights Oregon. This "Bites for Rights" is the 9th annual event in which your favorite restaurants donate 15% of their proceeds that day to support BRO. This year the list is extra long and stretches around the state! Fill your belly and warm your heart knowing that you are helping to support a good cause. Check out the full list and more details at Basic Rights Oregon!

Brian and TableTalkPortland.com and your dishwasher


  1. thanks Brian
    ...gives me a reason to go out!!