Saturday, June 21, 2008

Table for Twelve at Le Pigeon: The "Percy and Priscilla Were Good Pigeons Until Dad Put Them In A Pot-au-feu" Edition

Dear Friends Who Love Food,

When we were little, growing up in Suburbia, our Greek dad decided we needed a few pet pigeons to round out the family menagerie and add a touch of the Old Country to our everyday lives. At first we were thrilled by our new feathered friends Percy and Priscilla, particularly Percy, who took a shine to us and would nest outside our bedroom window at night, cooing softly in a rich pigeon baritone.

But pigeons, much like our other sister, are relentlessly amorous creatures, and before long Percy and Priscilla had hatched a small pigeon army, and the neighbors, tired of having their Suburban roofs and patios iced in pigeon doody, complained to "The Man." Dad had no choice but to issue an executive execution order, and for the next six months we had pigeon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Percy and Priscilla pigeon pie, pigeon pudding, pigeon stew...poached pigeon, braised pigeon, pigeon pot-au-feu.

By the time we'd forlornly eaten all the pigeons in Suburbia, we'd sworn a sister blood oath to always celebrate pigeons in our everyday lives, in honor of our dear late Percy and Priscilla. Thus, we're taking Table for Twelve to Le Pigeon next week! What better way to revere our beloved lost pigeons than to dine at a restaurant named after them, and, as was recently announced, the Oregonian's 2008 pick for Portland's Best Restaurant of The Year! We'll shed a tear eating hip Chef Gabriel Rucker's creations--foie gras with trail mix and duck jam, cauliflower crepe with asparagus and porcini, Beef Cheek Bourguignon, duck with spaetzle, bacon, and tomato, and maybe, if it's on the menu next week, even a distant relation of our precious Percy and Priscilla.

So, please join us at the Table for Twelve at Le Pigeon: The "Percy and Priscilla Were Good Pigeons Until Dad Put Them In A Pot-au-feu" Edition!

Details, DetailsWhen: Wednesday, June 25, 6:00 pm
Where: Le Pigeon, 738 E Burnside St.,
Why: Because Percy and Priscilla want you to.RSVP: Via email, at

See you at the table,

Jen and Michelle

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