Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Gimpmobile and a Free Burgerville Shake Coupon!

I thought you would all want to see Michelle and her new Gimpmobile! In case you hadn't read, Michelle broke her foot in The Great TableTalkPortland Rickshaw Accident, so now she has to hobble everywhere. (Read all about Michelle's trauma HERE).

The Gimpmobile is a super fun little scooter that helps support Michelle's hurt foot so she can get to the Heathman Happy Hour faster and still make it to the Portland Farmers Market!

She also uses it to cut in front of pregnant ladies in line for the loo, and to run over puppies and small children if they get in her way. She is often stopped by passerby who wonder aloud at this miraculous contraption, and by those who like me, simply wish to laugh until they almost barf up their seasonal Fresh Strawberry Burgerville shake (click HERE for a free coupon, good until June 30th!).

Free Fresh Strawberry shakes at Burgerville! I better get there fast! Maybe Michelle will give me a ride on her scooter! Just kidding Sis, you know I think your injury is so NOT funny. But your scooter is hilarious!

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