Thursday, June 26, 2008

TableTalkPortland Emcees the Ecotrust Chef Demo TONIGHT!!

OMG WHAT NOW indeed...we've got exciting news here at TableTalkPortland!

The regular MC couldn’t make it to the Chef Demo Thursday at the Ecotrust Building, so Amber asked us if we’d take his place! Oh my! We are going to go shopping with Chef Alfred Popp of Popp and Company Catering and Events to get fresh market ingredients for his recipe, and then we will be emceeing his demonstration! Michelle gets the mike, I get a headset and a bottle of gin. Just kidding! We intend to be fully sober for this landmark event. I must admit, I have been watching the Farmer’s Market demos faithfully for three years now, and I have always wanted to be the emcee. We are so excited we are drinking Hendricks straight from the bottle right now. I mean, we are watching Iron Chef reruns and making small delighted noises everytime show host Alton Brown says anything, because basically, we’re like, peers now.

You simply MUST COME and see Chef Alfred Popp and TableTalkPortland at the Ecotrust Farmer’s Market, TONIGHT, Thursday, June 26, at 6 pm. Need further incentive? It’s “Berry Days,” and Chef Popp will be making Berry Meringues for the crowd to sample. Who can resist Berry Meringues? And really, who can resist watching Michelle hobble around with the Chef Demo microphone?!

Be sure to mark your calendars this Saturday as well, when the Travel Channel comes to PSU Farmer's Market! They will be filming a special Travel Oregon segment highlighting our BELOVED FARMER’S MARKET!! And we will be there at the crack of dawn on special assignment--creating a display highlighting the best that the Market has to offer! Michelle, myself, Mom, and our friend Andrea will be gathering items graciously donated by market vendors and tapping our inner food stylists to build the display before the market bell rings at 8:30 am, then the Travel Channel will be filming the display and interviewing people in front of come on down for your shot at being immortalized on the Travel Channel! 

Hope to see you tonight and Saturday!!

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