Saturday, June 28, 2008

Travel Channel Comes to Portland Farmer's Market!

Clearly recognizing hams when they see them, Portland Farmer's Market staffers Anna and Amber asked Michelle and I if we'd like to deviate from our usual Taste the Place duties for a week and undertake a Special Project last Saturday: create a "cornucopia" of a display table, showcasing all the finest bounty the Portland Farmer's Market has to offer. Why? Because the Travel Channel was coming to film a Travel Oregon segment, which meant some great exposure for the Market! Naturally, we agreed. If there's anything we like better than a)promoting Farmer's Market and b)taking pictures of ourselves, it's promoting Farmer's Market while television crews take pictures of us! It was a special mission made in TableTalkPortland heaven.

Michelle, Mom, our friend Andrea and I spent a frantic hour and a half before the Farmer's Market bell rang at 8:30 am gathering generous donations from Market vendors and arranging them artfully to create a stunning visual display. I can toot the horn here because I was the designated Intrepid Gatherer, seeing as socializing is my second favorite activity next to eating and drinking Vinho Verde, while Michelle and Andrea and Mom comprised our brilliant design team.
Andrea carefully places a piece of Viande pate on the display. See that unnaturally large piece of blurry lettuce in the lower right hand corner of this picture? Yep, that's exactly what you think it is. Michelle is pitching lettuce leaves at me as I try to chronicle this great moment in history. Whatever. 

We are finished, just in time. We see the crew walking through the market, so we quickly take 400 pictures of ourselves in front of our masterpiece.

Brother Elias dropped by to survey our work. He pronounced it superb, or something like that.

Mom's dog, Molly the Dolly, Designated Guardian of Michelle's Gimpmobile, was also a fan.

We tried to appear unimpressed when the Travel Channel crew showed up and started filming. It was hard, they were all super cute and had gorgeous English and Scottish accents, which we find sort of irresistible. Andrea crept close to "check out the camera angle." Huh.  

Dashing producer Simon Kane takes still shots of the display.

Beautiful Sis Michelle takes still shots of me taking still shots of her.

The crew moves into the center of the market and show host Alistair delivers his lines smoothly while the market buzzes around him.
Danielle, Jen and Annie drop by for a peek at the table.
The Farmer's Market crew, who are always racing around doing 1000 things at once, took a break for a moment and came together around the table! Hey, anybody know who has the voucher book?! Just kidding!

Michelle took a break for a moment too, from her busy day of hobnobbing and throwing manky cherries in my apron pockets.

The crew took a coffee break, and although we pushed them towards Cafe Velo and their divine single press Stumptown, the boys opted for Starbucks. We gave cameraman Ben Bishop a little lesson on making good shopping choices: support a massive cookie-cutter corporation or Buy Local at our amazing Portland Farmer's Market, which is filled with scrumptious, sustainable, and freshly-made products, such as this fresh loaf of delicious Pearl Bakery bread. Sound man Bob looks on, clearly wondering why these crazy American girls are making Ben eat a whole loaf of bread with his coffee.

Over at the Chef Demo stage, Beast Chef Naomi Pomeroy made a chilled pea soup with mint.

We let Molly try some, but she was not a big fan.

It was hot, so we headed over and got a few Sol Pops. We love the innovative flavors, like Apple Cider Strawberry and Mango Lime.

As the market wound down, we sadly dismantled the display table. It was an amazing day. We can't wait to see the Travel Channel show. Stay tuned to to find out when it airs!

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