Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jen, who has been abandoned, requires alotto spirits-bolstering gelato breaks

The whole family has abandoned me and flitted off to Seattle today to celebrate Eli's birthday by stuffing their faces at all of Seattle's best restaurants. WHATEVER.

As a result of having been ABANDONED, I am taking a lonely, weepy Sunday stroll down NW 23rd Ave on this admittedly splendid sunny autumn morning when hark! - through my tears, I spy Alotto Gelato, a certified Happy Place! I must go in. Even though I just polished off a tartlet and 1.5 St. Honore Bakery croissants. What sort of broken-hearted girl doesn't have room for gelato?

Today's seasonal gelato flavors are fresh ginger, pumpkin, and roasted banana. I am an obedient sort, so I take the sandwich board's suggestion and mix the fresh ginger and pumpkin. And for my 3PM gelato break, I will mix the roasted banana and chocolate.

-Alotto Gelato, 931 NW 23rd Ave
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