Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Michelle is back from a week and a half in Key West Florida, and is happy to trade her vacation diet of boneless Cajun chicken wings and nachos for good old Portland cooking. So we came to Belly Timber on SE Hawthorne for happy hour. Ah, home sweet home.
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  1. love the belly timber. great drinks, food and a prime spot to watch the fun that is hawthorne!

  2. We thought you should know about a cool promotion that Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union is doing this June – we think your readers would really benefit from hearing about it.

    Starting Monday June 1st Northwest Resource is sponsoring free desserts at two local downtown restaurants. Basically, for those who work or live downtown, there will be a chance to receive a free dessert with the purchase of a lunch. The catch is that there are only 10 given out a day and the server gets to decide who gets them.

    For the first week in June (the 1st through the 5th) McFadden’s will be giving out the desserts and for the second week in June (the 8th through the 12th) Sungari will be giving them out.

    Northwest Resource knows that eating out for lunch is common for people living or working downtown and giving out free desserts seemed like a good way to kick off the summer and help support local restaurants.

    We hope your readers find this beneficial and will take advantage of the promotion…who doesn’t like free food?