Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Correspondent April Lives In a Tuscan Castle These Days

Special Correspondent April is wrapping up her incredible edible European vacation with a stay in magnificent Tuscany. I hope she brings me back something nice, like a Lamborghini or dreamy Prince Emanuele Filiberto. 

Under the Tuscan Influence


 to me
May 11 (1 days ago)  Copy IMG_0104.JPG,IMG_0102.JPG

Greetings from Toscana! The last few days have definitely been the highlight of our trip. We are staying in an old castle and have had the entire place to ourselves. Everyday we go out for some sightseeing and then return to sip some wine on our terrace. It is fantastico! I've attached some of my favorite pics. The last couple of pictures are of the meal we had last night in Monterosso, one of the villages in Cinque Terra. The pesto pasta was out of this world! Oh, and I could not forget to attach the picture of the mounds and mounds of gelato - that one is a framer!


See you soon and fly home safe, Special Correspondent April and Prince Emanuele!


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