Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mangalitsa On My Half-Birthday Pizza

My half-birthday is coming up, and after seeing this picture I know exactly what I want: A pet Mangalitsa Pig. Who wouldn't? Look at him.

Orginally from Hungary, Mangalitsa pigs (aka Mangalicas) are prized for their fat. The exquisite tenderness of their beautifully marbled flesh is compared to Wagyu beef by the French Laundry executive sous chef in this New York Times article.

Apparently Mangalitsa pork can be hard to come by stateside, but I read on that Greg Higgins served it at a dinner a few weeks ago, so maybe we'll see it on the menu at his new restaurant, Piggins. Gosh, it's hard to say that with a straight face.

If you're curious about these magnificent, succulent porkers, like I was, check out these articles in Gourmet and Saveur.

Rumor has it they serve Mangalitsa pork at The Herbfarm in Woodinville, WA. Maybe someone will take me there for my half birthday, hmmm Sis?

Anyhow, I must order my half-birthday Mangalitsa pig right now. I am not going to put my Mangalitsa on a pizza because I try not to eat my pets, but I would like him to do my dishes because I just moved and my new apartment has no dishwasher. I will name him Mkalászruhosség, which is Hungarian for "my ears itch." I'll make him vegan goulash for dinner and he can sleep on my feet at night to keep them warm. I just hope we don't fight over the hair straightener every morning.



  1. Greg Higgins came up to Lummi Island, and cooked the Mangalitsa at a beer dinner at the Willows Inn. We raised both a Mangalitsa and a pink pig, to compare the differences, on our farm, Nettles Farm. They were many and amazing differences. Keith Luce from the HerbFarm will be guest cheffing here May 14, with Buty winemakers Nina and Caleb from Walla Walla, also working on the cured Mangalitsa. It is exciting to see the interest all over the country for this very different pig.