Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special Correspondent April Does NOT Like Haggis!

Our very own globe-trotting Special Correspondent April has made her way to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she came up against her biggest culinary challenge ever: the infamous Scottish "delicacy" haggis.

I'll let Wiki define Haggis for you:

There are many recipes, most of which have in common the following ingredients: sheep's 'pluck' (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal's stomach for approximately three hours.

Haggis balls are chunks of haggis deep-fried, as only the Scots can deep fry something. Oddly enough, Special Correspondent April is not a haggis fan, fried or not!

More than a wee bit of Haggis



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Sorry friends, no sign of Gordon Ramsay. However, while dining in Dublin I was told by my waiter that Bono had been at the same restaurant the night before and may have even sat in my same chair! If interested, my unwashed jeans can now be found on Ebay - the bidding began at 5 Euros.

The last few days I have had some excellent Indian food in Ireland, Thai in England, and most unforgettably, some traditional Scotland Haggis Balls. I was told it would be inconceivable to leave Scotland without a plate of Haggis Balls. Let's just say this is the last time I am going to type the word Haggis for it brings back oh so bad memories. If only I would have known what they were before humoring my waiter and ordering the large plate.

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