Sunday, April 26, 2009

Special Correspondent April in the Land of Skinny, Chain-Smoking, (Ham and) Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys

Special Correspondent April, currently reporting from Europe, bids adieu to enchanting Paris--but not without letting us in on her newfound secret for how Frenchwomen stay so effortlessly thin. 

Those Skinny French B**ches


 to me
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I've discovered the French woman's secret to being thin - a ham and cheese baguette per day and at least three packs of cigarettes.  Oh, and I couldn't bear to leave Paris without a pain au chocolat.  Perhaps I will not be able to maintain my new baguette and cigarette diet.

Thanks Special Correspondent April! Hmm, sounds kind of like my college diet, except substitute vodka for the cigarettes and T Bell 7-layer burritos for the ham and cheese sandwich. Hey--I'm American!  

As she heads to London, we are looking forward to Special Correspondent April's report on the English populace's affinity for Bangers 'n Mash and any sightings of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, who, as my dear English friend Sian puts it, "is sex on a stick." Blimey! 


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