Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jace Gace

I woke up on Saturday morning with a hankering for a great breakfast. I called a friend and asked if she wanted to walk down Belmont and find a place to eat. She suggested Jace Gace and I was excited, because my sis said they have the largest mimosa in town.

As we were walking down there she said that they only had waffles and I was a little disappointed, because I am a savory person for breakfast who likes just a little sweetness. I was surprised when we got there and they really do only have waffles, but they have creatively made sweet and savory waffles. The place is beautiful inside and has a rotating art show and it also has a great little patio out front. I ordered my giant mimosa (sis did not lie at all about the size-GIANT), cappuccino, and a biscuits and gravy waffle and it came to about $12. My friend ordered the honey nut waffle with brie, prosciutto, and apples. Everything about the place is artsy and it transcends to the way the food is plated... it is beautiful.

After texting my sister a picture of my mimosa to make her jealous... I concentrated on enjoying my waffle. The gravy was a wonderful sausage home-style gravy and I was concerned that the waffle would be mushy with the gravy and two eggs on top, but it still maintained its crisp little edges... it was delightful. My friends waffle was brilliant with just a bit of honey to add sweetness to the sides of brie and prosciutto. I think I might become a regular here, because they are open all day and it looks like they have a great happy hour with $2 house red and white wines and $1 off waffles!


Jace Gace * 2045 SE Belmont * Monday & Tuesday: 9A-2P, Wednesday - Friday: 9A-Open Late, Saturday & Sunday: 8A-Open Late * Happy Hour Wed-Thur 4P-6P * No Reservations* 503.239.1887*

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