Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Perfect Sandwich

I'm supposed to be blogging about my sis and I's trip to Patanegra right now, which I fully intend to do, but I am slightly famished and craving a ham sandwich something terrible so I have to interrupt my thus far admittedly lackluster blogging attempts to go in search of a ham sandwich, and perhaps some chocolate. I feel a little bit guilty but then I remember that my sis, who is also supposed to be blogging, about our Pok Pok experience, is currently at Jace Gace on SE Belmont eating a biscuits and gravy waffle and drinking mimosas. I know this because she keeps texting me pictures of her mimosa, which is rude because she knows full well I cannot join her in drinking mimosas on Jace Gace's lovely little patio because I can't remember where I parked my car yesterday when I got home from work (it was a long day) and don't have the patience to go searching for it right now.

I leave the house with 10 dollars in my pocket and a few critical decisions to make. I could go down the street to Ken's Artisan Bakery and buy a jamon sandwich, but they always run out of the premade stock before noon and they always refuse to make me another one! I could walk up to St. Honore and get the Parisian (ham and cheese) sandwich, but that's at least a 10 minute walk and I'm an instant gratification sort of girl, at least at the moment. So, I decide I will just have to go to the City Market, which is a mere one block away. You are probably thinking, Jen you are always blathering on about shopping at the City Market, can't you write about something else? To which I will say: No.

I walk in with my 10 dollars and head for the deli counter, where all thoughts of ham fly from my head when I see the salumi selection. The choices! I can actually buy genuine Salumi salumi (from Salumi in!) or some delicious Fra' Mani selections are available as well. I had no idea, and I'm in here practically every day! Since we attended a Fra' Mani tasting event this week at Square Deal Wine and LOVED their salumi, I decide to get an eighth of a pound of the soppressata. I'm sort of obsessed with soppressata lately. (If you haven't already had it, you must scurry to Ken's Artisan Pizza and get the spicy soppressata one) This gives me a generous portion for a small sandwich. I choose a basic Brie from the crowded (in a good way) cheese case and order a quarter pound. One small Pearl Bakery roll and a 2 oz bar of bittersweet Scharffen Berger chocolate later, and I have the makings of a perfectly satisfying late afternoon lunch, which rings up at $8.22, well under budget. I posted a picture so you can share my joy.


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