Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Trussing of Fred Resumes

Fred is trussed. His breast is plumped out, as Thomas directed, and the twine tied neatly around his drumsticks. I salt and pepper him generously, Thomas is a little vague about how much salt and pepper to apply and I always err on the side of generous when it comes to salt. I realize some of you are hampered by health concerns, like not having a sodium OD-induced heart attack, and by cultural differences, Sian my British friend undersalts things like you wouldn't believe, but I LOVE salt and will until the day I prematurely drop dead from hypertension. So I lovingly rub Fred with plenty of salt and freshly ground pepper. 

I've preheated the oven to 475 degrees and readied my oven-proof skillet. We will be tossing Salty Fred into the hot oiled (canola) skillet and then putting him in the oven until he's done, which is about 45 minutes, or until my smoke detector goes off, whichever comes first, in my experience. 

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