Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Table For Twelve at Trebol !

Dear Friends Who Love Food,

Jen & Michelle bought darling new sundresses to celebrate the coming of Spring (yes, it's officially spring; yes, it's difficult to tell), and as a result, TableTalkPortland's next Table For Twelve event is to be held at Trebol Mexican Restaurant!

Perhaps you aren't seeing the connection between buying new sundresses and eating at one of Portland's most buzzed about new Mexican restaurants? Well, we're not sure if you've read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"--the consummate cautionary cause and effect tale of a foolish little boy who gives a rodent with a severe entitlement complex a cookie, then must supply him with milk, a straw, a haircut, art supplies, more cookies, etc, etc, but basically the point is that If You Give Michelle A New Sundress, she's going to want a vacation-somewhere-you-can-wear-a-sundress-in-March to go with it. Etc, etc.

So Michelle is heading to Mexico for Spring Break with her new sundress and her darling BF, while Jen and her new sundress are keeping their feet and hem's firmly on American soil--the last time Jen went to Mexico she lost eight of her nine lives, BUT, geographic differences aside, both Jen & Michelle agree that this is the perfect time of year for all of us to get a little dose of our sunny southern neighbor, albeit from the safety of Trebol's cozy dining room on N. Albina Ave, which is in North Portland, which is in America.

If Pacific Oysters served with Cucumber and Jalapeno Granite, Vegetable Empanadas filled with Lobster Mushrooms, Poblano Peppers, and Aged Mexican Cheese, or Honey and Tamarind Glazed Pork Loin with Chayote Gratin, Braised Greens and Mole Coloradita sound like just the thing to help you shake off some residual it's-technically-not-winter-anymore-but-who-can-tell blahs, please join Jen & Michelle this Wednesday evening as we sample Trebol Chef Kenny Hill's 'Nueva Latina meets the Northwest' cuisine, inspired by both the Oaxacan specialities he grew up eating and his eight years in the kitchen of Higgins.

Details, Details

When: Wednesday, March 26, 7 pm

Where: Trebol Mexican Restaurant, 4835 N. Albina Ave, Portland, OR, United States of America (

Why: Because we had the sopapillas there last week and haven't stopped thinking about them since. And because at Trebol, it's highly unlikely that Jen will be stung by a glistening bright blue Portuguese man o' war, stalked by a wild-eyed Mexican poet, pushed off a cliff and onto a busy Mexican highway, abandoned at a taco stand in the middle of the Sonoran desert, trampled by a mad horned vaca, or held up by a cabbie in the parking lot of the La Paz Applebee's (Jen was not dining there at the time, seriously). She will tell you the whole story over dinner, if you come.

RSVP: Via our email address ( us if you'd like to be a part of Table For Twelve's "If You Give Michelle a New Sundress" dinner this Wednesday at Trebol !! We hope to see you there! Jen will even show you her Portuguese man o' war scars!

See you at the table,

Jen & Michelle

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