Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Menupix.com: Portland Menus

Being the food lovers that we are, we have menus spilling out of every drawer and cupboard in our home, and spread across pretty much every bare surface as well. They line the hamster cage, they are used to soak up champagne spills, they sit pretty in a basket in the loo, they are stuffed in the massive crack at the bottom of our drafty old living room window, they have even been known to pinch hit as dinner party placemats in a crisis. So we were pretty thrilled to get a press release from www.menupix.com/portland, informing us that we could toss our menu collection and just use their extensive online menu inventory instead!

MenuPix.com, already operates in Boston, San Francisco, and Washington, DC and now has launched their Portland/Vancouver site with over 2,400 menus. MenuPix.com offers users free access to menus and basic information about nearly every restaurant in Portland and Vancouver. Listings include key information such as restaurant name, phone number, address, cuisine, cross street maps, website link and most importantly – the menu. Restaurants and menus can be browsed or searched by any combination of city area, neighborhood, cuisine, and delivery. Users can also create an on-line menu drawer of their favorite restaurants and write their own reviews to appear on the site.

I guess this means we will have to find something else to line the hamster cage with now.

Link here: www.menupix.com/portland

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  1. Wow. This site is awesome! My laptop and belly are very happy.