Saturday, March 8, 2008

Podnah's Pit BBQ Breaks My Heart

So I awoke today with a desperate craving for pork ribs. Weird, but true. Smoky, salty, tender, burnt/carmelized/a teensy bit charred even, grip-them-in-both-hands-and-screw-keeping-your-face-clean, fresh off the grill pork ribs. My ever obliging sis hopped in the car and we sped off to NE Prescott and 15th and burst through the door of Podnah's Pit BBQ screaming for RIBS. 

I think you can picture my face when the server told us there weren't any RIBS left. Or chicken. And there was one pulled pork sandwich and one beef brisket sandwich left so make your decision quick 'cause another hungry looking duo just lumbered in the door behind you. I was paralyzed by grief, but my quick-thinking sister quickly called dibs on the last pulled pork sandwich, which the kitchen put on two separate buns because--they were out of regular sandwich buns. Sheesh. What's a girl to do? We'd come so far, we'd accept our consolation prize. 

We also ordered the iceberg wedge, which was liberally doused in impossibly thick 'n creamy house blue cheese dressing studded with tangy chunks of hard blue cheese, and opted for beans, coleslaw and cornbread on the side. The pulled pork was wonderful of course, tender and seasoned perfectly and falling out of the bun into thick clumps on the plate just begging to be picked up and eaten with our fingers, the bun glistening with a swipe of butter. The beans were a little bland for our taste, but we didn't have much room for them anyway, Podnah's dishes out pretty generous pulled pork portions. 

After we'd concluded our pulled pork-fest, used a pile of wet-wipes to get the pork juice from under our fingernails, paid the $16 bill (what a deal!), and were preparing to waddle out of Podnah's, sated if still slightly mournful, another wild-eyed couple came through the door and sat down. I pitied them the horrible news to come, but perversely we hung around a moment longer just to hear the "we don't have RIBS or much else" spiel. Turns out the kitchen had miraculously replenished their RIBS supply in the past 23 minutes. It was a cruel blow. I suppose I'll call ahead next time I wake up gnashing my teeth for Podnah's pork ribs. Sigh. I sort of want some right now. 

Only $16 for what had to be 50 pounds of food! Wow!

PS: For a fun and nostalgic review of Podnah's by the Food Dude on, go to


  1. Whatever, sis. It's not my fault you woke up with Medusa locks.