Monday, March 30, 2009

See's The Day

Today is Monday. Just Monday, nothing special, not my birthday or V-day or National Corn Dog Day or anything else-worth-celebrating day. So I was massively surprised when the UPS man delivered THIS to me today at work.

When I was little, going to See's Candy was a special treat. We were allowed to pick one piece, not counting the sample of course. We stood on our tiptoes, gripping the white counter ledge, crabwalking from one end of the miles-long candy case to the other. The decision was excruciating. Thus, it's been a dream of mine ever since I was wee to have my own box of See's Candy, all to myself, to eat in one gloriously indulgent sitting. Before I was ever able to realize my fantasy though, I learned about things like saturated fat and cellulite and gluttony-being-a-deadly-sin, so my childhood fantasy has always been just that--a beautiful dream.

I mentioned this dream to someone special last week while we were flipping through the latest See's catalogue playing the "if you could have one thing on this page, what would you pick?" game, and magically, today my dream came true! I now have not one, but FOUR POUNDS OF SEE'S CANDY, aka the See's Candy "Gift of Elegance" on my desk. This is dangerous, in a fantastic sort of way.

The shiny gold box is almost TWO FEET long. Inside are two pounds of fudge, caramels, and nut rolls accompanied by one pound each of milk and dark chocolate creams and chews. Naturally the first piece I went for was the Raspberry Cream, my favorite See's candy of all time. Sometimes I like to peel the thin dark chocolate shell off and just eat the dark pink cream part.

I shared a few pieces of my choco-bounty with my coworkers because I'm nice like that, and well-- who can really eat 4 pounds of chocolate in one sitting by themselves without keeling over-- but now I'm hiding in the supply closet with the the box's gold organza bow tied around my forehead, eating molasses chips two at a time and giggling uncontrollably.

I think this might be the happiest day of my life.

Thank you, JW.


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